[choice of sourdough brown, white sourdough]

Goat cheese [warm] € 8,5

with walnuts & honey
[vegetarian/gluten free]

Asian marinated carpaccio € 14,50

with bean sprouts & crispy onions

Home smoked salmon € 10

with a fresh curd from yoghurt, pickles cucumber & dill
[gluten free]

Club sandwich Nul33 € 10

with chicken filet, baked egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber & chips

Bagel € 9,5

with cream cheese, home smoked salmon, pickles & capers

Brioche € 9,5

with bone ham, sauerkraut [warm] & honey mustard sauce

Croquettes of beef [2 pieces] € 9

Vegan croquettes of Oma Bob’s [2 pieces] € 9,5

filled with cheese and arugala [vegetarian]
served with mustard mayonnaise

Fried eggs [3 eggs]

Ham & cheese [gluten free] € 9
Home smoked salmon [gluten free] € 10
Asian marinated carpaccio € 10


Nul33 Lunch Platter € 10

soup of your own choice, bread with fried egg with cheese & croquette of beef
[or vegan]

Hot meat sandwich € 9,5

with baked onions, mushrooms and satay sauce

Nul33 Hotdog € 11,5

2 smoked sausages, homemade sweat & sour vegetables, chili mayonnaise & crispy onions

Nul33 Burger & fries € 15,5

2 mini burgers with Premium beef, lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon, old cheese, bbq sauce, mayonnaise & fries

Chicken skewers 16,5

3 grilled chicken filet skewers with hoisin sauce, homemade sweat and sour vegetables & kroepoek


Homemade tomato soup € 6,5

with green pesto fresh cream & two slices of sourdough bread

Homemade pumpkin soup € 8

creamy, a bit spicy, with kohlrabi and beetroot & two slices of sourdough bread
[vegetarian/gluten free bread]


Caesar salad € 8

lettuce, chicken filet, bacon, garlic croutons, old cheese, egg, pecan & anchovie dressing
[gluten free]

Goat cheese € 9,5

lettuce, goat cheese [warm], fig chutney, cucumber, tomato & Balsamic reduction
[vegetarian/gluten free]

Asian marinated carpaccio € 11,5

Lettuce, bean sprouts, sesame & crispy onions

Home smoked salmon, spicy prawns € 14,5

lettuce, cucumber, garlic croutons & pecan
[gluten free]

Grilled sandwiches

Cheese or ham € 4,25

Cheese & ham € 4,75

Cheese, tomato & pesto € 4,75

We serve our sandwiches on white casino bread only

Side diches

Fries with homemade mayonnaise € 3,75

Mixed salad € 3,75

Visiting hours
Nul33 is open every day. You can have lunch from 10.00 to 17.00 o’clock.

From Thursday to Saturday we also have dinner, from 17.00 to 22.00 o’clock.

You can enjoy our offer of tasty bites & snacks until 23.00 o’clock. See our menu for ‘drinks & tasty bites’.

For groups of 8 people or more, we can put together special menus, call or email for the possibilities

Allergy or intolerance?
Let us know! We have special products. Our chef will be delighted to make something for you.

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